Is it me or is he too full on?

Met a guy online, lots in common and spoke for hours and hours on the phone - I felt very optimistic and was really looking forward to meeting. When I met him I was a bag of nerves and I wasn't instantly attracted but I put this to one side as his personality was great and I didn't want to write everything off so quickly. I found myself agreeing to another date when he put me on the spot, I think I would have preferred time to reflect but seems such a decent and kind guy I wanted to stay open minded. Second date was good, although my nerves were on overdrive and he made it clear he likes me a lot. Third date and I just started to feel under pressure, like he's planning our relationship in his head and telling me how much he fancies me.

Were my expectations of him too high when I first met him - I feel like a rabbit caught in head lights , but don't want to hurt his feelings. He has asked what can he do to make me more relaxed, but I think I may just have to call it a day as I don't want to waste his time because I feel under pressure to decide. I know there should be an element of nerves but I'm feeling very anxious - am I being irrational? He has said we can continue however I wish too as he wants me relaxed and happy or just to say if I don't want to see him again. Confused?


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  • This sounds to me like you have a fundemental difference in character, i.e., a mis-match of the sort that indicates he and you may not be on the same wavelengths, which could portend badly for the future of the relationship.

    I would look elsewhere.

  • You know instantly if you want to go out on another date with a person the fact that you're wrestling with this decision means you're not interested and you should move on.


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