What's the secret to catching your heart?

OK so I was seeing a guy for six months he made it clear he didn't what a relationship with me but I still hoped one day he would...he told me he found me v attractive, funny, and that we got along great but that we would drive each other crazy going out and I think he's right...however he ditched me last month as soon as a new girl came on scene one that he had his eye on a gym for a while she's not attractive but she does have a good body, they started dating and is only been a month yet he's in a relationship with her?/...so I'm just curious? seen as she has made little effort I wondered what's the secret to doing this? to make a guy fall for you that quick? what do you have to do


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  • The secret to catching my heart is to show me you really care about me.


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  • Keep in mind I don't know your exact situation HOWEVER, In my past I've come to realize, people were right when they said Men want what they Can't have, the more you make yourself available to a guy the less thrill there is in a chase, Men aren't as emotional as women, so don't expect that he'll respond to your conveying your emotions to him,

    dont put your life on hold for him, put him on hold for your life.

    Make sure you let him know he's A Part of your life NOT your whole life.

    my best advice and what worked for me:

    Make him work for it, go with your head not your heart.