My ex and I kissed, how do I not let it happen again?

OK so this is what happened:

My ex and I have been broken up since December of 2009. Last year we only met once, when he came for my birthday (this was back in July), we only went out to eat and went back home for like an hour and then he left, nothing happen. Then he would tell me that he wanted to see me again but we never saw each other again in 2010.

Then recently we decided that he could come over on Sunday which was yesterday. We went to eat, then when we got out he wanted us to sit outside on a bench and he started hugging me, like really close. Then after a while I was still sitting down and he got up and said he wanted to tell me something and he got like on his knees kinda and he was just holding my hands, but then I got up and he got me and said he wanted to say it in my ear, so he held me against him and whispered in my ear "Do you want to be my girlfriend?...again?"

I told him I didn't know and after a few minutes we went to the park. We were walking on this little bridge and then he stopped walking and he's facing towards me and now I am against the wall of this little bridge and his hands are extended touching the wall so I am in between really close to him, he looks into my eyes and I see that he wants to kiss me but I moved my head like 3 times, but the he got me and he started kissing me, and I surrendered and kissed him back!

We walked around holding hands but I was trying not to give him my whole hand. The kissing continued when we sat down, but I tried not to, but again, he got me and I couldn't do anything. It was getting kinda cold so we went back to his car, where things got pretty steamy! We made out and kissed for like an hour I got on top of him and he was touching me but I would move his hands. He tried taking my shirt off but I didn't let him, basically nothing more happen because I wouldn't let him.

So the thing is that I feel kinda bad because we're not boyfriend/girlfriend so I feel that we shouldn't have kissed like that or done anything, but the good thing is that nothing more happened. Now, how do I prevent this from happening again, I feel like this should be done when we are officially bf/gf. He knows that I don't kiss if he's not my boyfriend but it happened. I plan on telling him that this can't happen anymore, but if we see each other again, what do I do so it doesn't happen anymore?


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  • I have been guiltly of the same thing. The best thing for me was to just refuse to spend time alone with him anymore because I knew that if I were alone with him, something was going to happen. What good will come out of meeting up with him like that? All it does is give you momentary pleasure, then it leaves you feeling more empty than you did before it happened. If you distance yourself from him, you will be able to give yourself the time and space necessary to move on and make a fresh start for yourself.

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