Am I being too shallow in regards to age/standards?

I'm 29 and can't seem to find a woman my age who is up to my standards. I want a girl who's in good shape (I'm an active person), someone who hasn't had a ton of bad relationships and who is honest. As far as interests go I love to bicycle, I like books, I love road trips and I love sex with the girl I'm dating. The problem is none of the girls I meet who are single and 27-35 are those things. They don't want to have sex with me, they don't exercise, they kids by different fathers, they tell me they are single and rid of their dirt bag ex but he's still there, and on and on. So I always find myself dating girls who are 20-23.

Is it that I'm shallow and don't know it or just having bad luck with the 30something crowd?

Thanks sbatman, I'm just having trouble finding that kind of woman. Most I meet just don't seem serious or they just want a man, ANY man.


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  • Hell if you ask me. My advice, date for love, not sex. The women who will give up sex easy are probably the same women who have already had a kid by a deadbeat dad. So if you want your situation to improve you need to date more serious women. You know the kind of women that take a long time to get to know, get a date with and forget about 3rd base until you present the ring.


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  • Ha ha! I'm in the same boat, man! (Obviously, reversed - I can't seem to meet a guy!) I agree with the "best answer" chosen...the type of girls that seem easy are that way for a reason. My friends and I tend to be appalled at the type of women out there representing our sex.

    Attractive, smart, funny, and ready for a good time - I'll admit these qualities in a woman seem to be rare in this day and age. (I sound like a traitor to my gender, lol.)

    I would suggest, at the risk of sounding snobby, to try looking for educated women. Statistically, women who attend some type of post-secondary institution are more active, have more going on, and are less likely to be mothers earlier in life. On the other (beneficial) hand, students like releasing stress in the bedroom :) Of course, there are exceptions, and you may well have dated nothing but students, but just in case...

    Your list of "qualifications" are things that everybody should be, as far as I'm concerned. Good luck! :D


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  • I feel you m8, my last girlfriend was the most amazing woman I ever met. But she gave me up in a heartbeat for the fantasy of a career in Japan. Apparently she had already contacted a company and for some odd reason which is legal in Japan she wants to sign a contract that prohibits her dating for 10 years. Whatever, she wants to be alone for that long, good for her. Real women are hard to find. I've been alone and lonely for 2 years. But I'd rather be alone and waiting for the right woman than be with the wrong woman any day.

  • Why don't you add millionaire, bi-sexual, a D cups only to your qualifications and you might have some better luck...