When or how do you tell a guy you’re a virgin?

If me and a guy are like flitting and it gets sexually flirty and I mention or say I’m a virgin they seem cool with it at first then they ghost me or stop talking to me and fade out.

My friends get mad at me and say I should wait till to the guy or not tell him at all.

I was just just wondering when should I tell them?
how do I bring it up?
what should I say?

(Disclaimer: not waiting for marriage or anything, I just want to make sure it’s the right guy for me)
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Well I’ve had guys who were like straight up asking for nudes right away and I’ve had guys who I had week long conversations and phone call with who don’t ask for nudes or anything then all sudden they will say something sexual I’ll let the info slip nd they ghost! Like wtf why did u get to know me then for that time...

Also I’m 27 a virgin but I know WAY to much to be a virgin HahahAha so basically I’m good at dirty talk Nd etc but aren’t a slut or sleeping with random guys
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There’s a saying that goes “Being a hopeless romantic in a hookup culture is a special kind of hell” that describes me so well!
When or how do you tell a guy you’re a virgin?
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