Do white guys like black girls? Would you date us?

Well pretty much all my life I've never been physically attracted to black guys even tho I'm black myself. its not a race thing, like I'm not raciest or anything its just how I am. I've always been attracted to white guys but it just doesn't seem that they are attracted to black girls or will date us. Idk, some people tell me that its because of pressure from friends,family, etc or they just are not physically attracted to us. like I never really know which white guys I can aproach because there is pretty much a 50/50 chance that they will like me. idk,im light skinned and not ghetto at all, and true I've had like 2 boyfriends but they didn't last long at all. actually the 1st 1 ended because his best friend was raciest and broke us up, but I won't go into that. anyway the question is, are you guys attracted to us, will you date us, and I would also like to know if there are any other girls out there that are like me and also are not attracted to black guys. sometimes I feel like the only one. makes me feel like an outcast.not many people except me or understand me so I would also like to see if there are others like me. please don't judge. :P


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  • I am assuming this is based on american white guys so I'm not sure if my opinion will be valid... I deffinitly would date a black girl without a doubt. I find them very attractive and I'm one of many guys that would be more than willing to date them. I hold no racial prejudise so don't see aa problem with it, it me and her fit than I would love to be with her. I don't think there is a deffinitive answer to this, many guys will be conditioned to have a certain taste in women while others will like somethign completely different. The ones that find you appealing will find you appealing don't try to get the guys that don't like you. Don't worry about your preference though, I know from experience of where I live how common it is to see an interracial couple between a black girl and white guy, its not uncommon for me to see a different couple most days here so it does happen it will just be heavily dependent on how open the guy is

    good luck

    • you really see interracial relationships that much? wow where do you live lol XD. where I'm from its common 2 see a black guy with a white girl but not really the other way around. literally I've only seen maybe 4 couples in my life of white guys with black girls. I don't know I'm currently trying to get this 1 guy who said he would date a black girl, but its like he likes me but he's quite hesitant. and he I don't know like all his gfs have been like blond and I can't really compete with that. :P but anyway thanks.

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    • haha, not exactly every day but id say my city is about 10% black, so pretty much every time I see a black women a lot of the time they are in interracial relationships with a white man. They tend to be pushing a baby together, It is really nice to see even now lol. You should seriously go for it, I'm sure he will be flattered, you might be surprised. He could just be shy and just need a little push, :P

    • yeah he's shy in his own way. like when he likes some1 he won't tell them for months sometimes even years that he likes them. but if I hang out with him enough he mite just admit it. like I want him 2 admit it 2 me 1st just in case. I a tiny bit afraid of rejection so I'm just waiting for him 2 say something 1st. I really like him and I hope it works out. and yeah he does kinda need a push. so I guess you could say he's shy, his friends say that I'm the only 1 he's opened up 2 about everything. :) <3

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  • I just don't like their attitudes in general.

    • i think that's only the ghetto ones. XD

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  • There`s a user on here who`s obsessed with having babies with white guys so she can have mixed black and white babies, I swear down she`s said that herself countless times on here, she`s called Lucky1227, she`s really weird...

    There`s nothing wrong with what your saying, white guys do date black girls

    I personally am not all that into black guys much except for the bad boy one`s such as Ll cool J, 50 cent, 2 pac and yes I know he`s dead, i`m just saying those kinds of guys, the bad boyness is so appealing

    • really, she's obsessed with having mixed children. she gives people like me a bad name. because of sterotypes it would make people like me look bad :P

  • I'm also attracted to white guys. There are some black guys that I find attractive, but I wouldn't consider being in a relationship with them. I feel more comfortable with a white guy.

    • well I use 2 be attracted to black guys like a loooong time ago but it wouldn't be like a full crush, it would be more like oh he's kinda cute soft of thing. but now its like I'm just no longer attracted to them at all. people think its because I'm raciest of hate myself or am against my own people and blah blah blah bullsh*t but its not any of that, its just how I am. I can't help the way my heart feels. its just who I am. :)

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