Guy said to remind him we are going to hangout?

I invited a guy to hangout. He said yes but to remind him a day before because he's like that as a person. Does that mean he doesn't want to and just tryingto be nice?
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  • It doesn't mean he's declining, but it may mean that you're more into the idea than he is.


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  • Basically I've been surrounded by airheads my whole life! Don't take it to heart! He might be the type of person that lives inside his own bubble! Be confident, I think if you send a "are we still on for today?" Type of text, it will show how chill and relaxed you are! I hope you have a great time with him!

    • I'm an airhead forsure lol
      But I'm nervous to send that text. He probably really thinks I'm weird. Also to make matters worse he is my boss. So what if he's just trying to be nice?

    • You already made the huge step of suggesting you go out! That's already half of the job done! Certainly the fact that he is your boss complicates things but even if he is not interested, hanging out means nothing if the vibe ain't right... I really hope you get the courage of sending the text or actually suggesting a place you can go up close! At least you'll know a little bit more about how he feels about the prospect! Be brave!

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  • Probably that he's forgetful

  • It means he's looking for a mommy not a girlfriend


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