Why do girls say leave me alone but get mad when her boyfriend actually leaves her alone in an effort to avoid making the situation worse?

I’ve had a lot of friends tell me that this is a thing that their girlfriends do to them. They are afraid they might not know what to do if their girlfriends say that to them again. Are there any verbal or visual cues that signal whether you want the opposite to happen or not?


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  • They probably want you to say the right things. Pretend you're Commander Shepard or something and instead of pressing any of the buttons some timer runs out or something and you just say nothing. They depend on you to actually be a guy looking inwards and not retract and recoil to the point of no resolve. Sure they can feel for you in the way in which you feel for them by doing this, but in the end a push might just be a plead for you to verbally poke their head and set them straight, and feel better. Even if you don't feel like it it's probably still whimping out.


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  • It's called you are supposed to know what they need and what they want. This information must be obtained through mind reading, because don't be silly! They won't just simply TELL you. They want you to think about it in your own, without their help. To them that means you care more. It's beyond retarded, and I recommend getting used to it.


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