How can I get over him?

the one i truly loved but he never gave me a chance. He doesn't care wether im living or dying. He rejected me... used me... treated me as an option and threw me away. Its been 5 years and i still cannot move on. That guy mistreated me so badly. Everytime he sees me... he comes up to me and asks me how im doing... not knowing he hurt me. I did crazy things after he rejected me...


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  • 1) You need to have a strong ecosystem of positive emotions like dancing, traveling etc and add to that people that love you and make you feel good... a detailed letter then burn it. There are more exercises you can find online.
    3) Create new long lasting memories.

    • 2) Do exercises to help you release, the chair exercise; sit down, place a chair in front of you and visualize you're telling this guy everything you need to release, once you're done just ask him to leave.
      The letter exercise; write A detailed letter explaining everything, from your feelings to the bad stuff you did and then burn it.

  • Wait he didn't know he hurt you? Makes no sense if your blaming him for huring you so bad


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