How to get over him? What can I do?

... the one i truly loved but he never gave me a chance. He doesn't care wether im living or dying. He rejected me... used me... treated me as an option and threw me away. Its been 5 years and i still cannot move on. That guy mistreated me so badly. Everytime he sees me... he comes up to me and asks me how im doing... not knowing he hurt me that bad. I did crazy things after he rejected me...


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  • You sound rather dramatic. First step of moving on is acceptance. Consider that your feelings for this person were not "true love", as you put it. Love stems from hormones and attraction, so you will most likely feel love again... and again you will think it is "true love". There's a whole world out there so stop living in the past and accept that life goes on. Good luck!


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