What are the common traits "players" do to convince ladies to have sex with them?

I mean. Do all players follow the same specific patterns that only players do and they are different than any other guy out there with the same objective (to get ladies into their pants) or all patterns are the same whehter players follow them or any other guy ot there who are not really players?

Can "Players" be your friends you know for some time or not, or friends do not apply?


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  • there is a book written called "The Game" and "The Truth" that document a players journey from chump to champ so to speak, and he was short and bald. these are basically men who study women, develop routines they run or just know how to interact and escalate and be in the moment vs other guys that don't know how to communicate with women emotionally. They understand womens behaviors, know how to read their body language and gestures, and how to get the girls emotions moving, up, down, etc.. and inject sexual thoughts so she feels sexual.
    I think a lot of players end up making these girls friends, or girls they will go back to if they are in the area.

    I read all that and studied players, I don't consider myself one because I strive to a relationship, but I study a lot and learn as I have to... women are difficult to navigate... I have no expectation they will evolve within the next 1000 years though, so gotta deal with what is there. To me a player has one objective which is score and move on, its a game. His view is he offers sx and she accepts. if she declines or he has others lined up, he moves on. he does not care about her future needs. He may even have other criteria he is striving for like 3 somes or whatever. All dooable when you undertand pscyhology and have skills.


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  • Basically all patterns are the same. The only things that change are the way the approach is made to get the ladies "in their pants".

    You have the macho type that is full of himself and brags with his "advantages" in the hope that ladies faint from just imagining the "thing".

    You have the rich kid that brags with money but with a small tool but the same goal.

    You have the overconfident guy that has his scenarios all prepared and that can fall back on another queue if the one fails.

    You have the one that despite the failure he was confronted still tries and hopes to be successful.

    You have the guy that tries it with humor and compliments but achieves little results.

    You have the story teller that hope to have a girl believing in his sad experience and hopes for pity sex.

    Basically, there are more or less 10 different types of players that are all just as bad as the others to attempt to pick up girls.

    Unfortunately, many girls fall for those cheap traps rather than to use their brains and see that they are just misused for one thing.

    Nowadays, there is not much feelings involved when hitting on a girl. The main aim is to get them into bed.

    I know I am going to have my head chewed up by those guys that I challenged 2 days ago on basically the same subject.

    • Even friends for so many years can be players?

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    • I have a question about those 2 people that know each other for 4 years.

      Are those 2 people the same than those you mentioned in November 2018 where you mentioned that the lady was scared to have intercourse for the first time, pulled back several times but decided it was time to make the big move?

    • Yes they are

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  • I would like to know too. My friend'd a player, but I can't seem to figure him out when it comes to that.

  • player or not I’d sure like to get to know you

  • man i'm to old to remember lol


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