Is it normal for a non-single girl to kiss a man other than her boyfriend? Belarussain

Hi all.

Basically I have a Belarussian girl friend we been together for a while ,but she shocked me as she said that as Belarussian we can kiss other friends lips even male ones! Is that true or right?. I've asked other girls from Ukraine and Azerbaijan but they replied not true and not a right behave!


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  • i read on this one website that Belorussians greet each other with hand shakes and with close friends and family it is a hug. there is nothing about kissing.

    • I don't mind checks kisses BUT what she says LIPS kisses!

    • ha that's the thing I don't know any culture with lip kissingas a greeting. they are all cheek kisses.

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  • I think she is blowing smoke up your ass. And what I think you should tell her is simple: "I am ____________, and in my custom, if your lips ain't touching mine or a family member's cheek. there will be a serious problem."

    I hope this helps...

    • You want them to go for it?

    • bunny420:

      You must be wasted to think that... I am adamantly against cheating. His girl is blatantly lying so that she can cheat. I would not tell anyone to confide in a cheater. Re read my comment while you are sober...

  • I don't think that is true. If you had an open relationship it would matter less, though.