Have you tried online dating?

I was on the tube the other day and noticed all the online dating ads (January advertising, got to love it!), and one claimed that 50% of couple who got married in the US last year met online.

Wow. That's a huge number. So, who out there has tried online dating, and was it successful for you? Would you do it again? I'm really interested to hear your experiences, or even your reasons for not trying it out.

If none of the answers apply to you, I'd like to hear your story, too!

  • Yes, and I'm currently in a relationship because of it.
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  • Yes, and I've gone on dates because of it, but nothing serious.
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  • Yes, and I haven't had many replies or much interest from anyone (or vice versa).
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  • No, because I'm in a relationship with someone I met elsewhere.
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Oh, and if you want to share what site you used if you did use one.

I started using a site called OkCupid about 4 months ago when I moved abroad, so I could meet people, and I went on several first dates, and am now pretty serious about one.
Another update, sorry: I also have this irrational embarrassment about having used a dating site. Anyone else have the same issue?


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  • I've tried a couple different sites, without much luck. Although, to be honest I didn't put much effort into it, and women don't seem to be much more willing to initiate contact online than they are anywhere else.

    I've always thought it should be called online meeting, since the actual dating part is still done in good old RL. It seems like a good idea at least. I mean, once you get out of school, it gets A LOT harder to meet new people. Especially if you're like me and a club or bar is about the last place you want to spend an evening.


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  • I've heard a lot more horror stories than success stories and the only time it 'works' is when one or both people are desperate and will take anyone in the right income bracket or, in some cases, in the right location when someone is desperate to get out of their town!

    Hey, a lot of arranged marriages work out too, but I don't generally recommend that apporach! Really online dating is a successor to the arranged marriages of the past. It's just that a computer does the arranging rather than a relative. I'm the sure the relative generally did a better job!

    • The "only" time? really? Am I just an eternal optimist for thinking some things can work out? It's got to work out sometimes, though, if so many people get married. They can't all be desperate, can they?

      Thanks for the answer, though, it's an interesting take on it, and worth hearing.

    • Hey, there are always exceptions. As I said, arranged marriages often 'work out.'

  • One good reason NOT to do it (or to do it!): link

  • Online dating sucks. No girls answer back or message first. It made my already bad confidence worse. I will never do it again.

    • OkCupid, PlentyofFish, and Zoosk.

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    • I know it's not fault you had bad luck, but I'm so sorry! Some people do, it's all about crafting the best profile, so it might not be about you!

    • I think it's that it's too shallow. I don't think it's profile at all. People just look at pics and decide off that.

  • Sorry but that 50% is a lie.

    I've been using online dating for 5 years now on multiple online dating sites and women never view my profile or reply to me. Clearly girls aren't interested in me.

    Like snakceyg said guys message girls and girls don't reply and girls rarely message guys because they still think guys are supposed to initiate. Women are so shallow that they won't even reply with a "No thanks". After writing a few hundred personal emails you tend to just give up when nobody replies. 100 messages about 1/2 hr on each that's 50 hours of my life gone just over 2 whole days gone or 7 hours a night 7 days for a whole week, do this for a few months and A you get tired of trying with no return and B run out of people to email.

    match: Sucks both guy and girl must be paid members to make contact, old profiles are reactived under different names to keep people coming back.

    POF plentoffish: Mainly for people who want casual sex and are of the older crowd 35-45 their forums are full of trolls and security involving your email address and passwords aren't looked after, but the site is free.

    okcupid: Best free online dating site out there along with lots of fun quizes.

    Hotornot: 2nd best site out there that forces women to participate if they want their profile active, at least with this site if you see a profile you know the person has been on recently.

    eharmony: Wouldn't know didn't met their statistical range, but very expensive from what I hear, also, both guy and girl must be paid members to make contact.

    rsvp: joining is free contact is a lot extra.

    If you want to know more just ask away. and here is okcupids blog post covering why you shouldn't go for paid sites, it's a good read. link


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  • I don't go on the dating sites.

    I think I am too young right now.

    I don't really considered them realtionships that I had when I was younger, now because I was on those games like runescape lol..(everyone my school had one). I took seriously but then to learn it just a game to them. But I talk to a guy that I met on a chat site, but it was not a online dating thing. I really like him, but were " buddies/that like eachother" it sucks. lol

    - not surpiised by the 50% thing either because people are a whole lot busier now these days and so many people spend there time on the computer anyway like FB!

    • so many people spend their time on the computer , waiting for the aftersale service, listening to the company tune. :@

  • well I've hab boyfriends in my past but they were only about a few months each, and my first long term relationship was with a guy I met on runescape (lol I know). we dated for a year and we'd visit each other for weeks/months at a time. then about 6-7 months after our breakup I went on an online dating site and dated a guy for a short time but we talked for months. then on the same dating site (plenty of fish) I met my current boyfriend and weve been dating 3 months so far (but we first met about a few weeks before we went official)

  • Ive been on many dating sites and I can say there is the god and the is the bad, for example Plentyoffish.com is a good dating site , singlesnet.com, speeddate.com and chemistry.com the one I would not recommend is hotornot.com or crushorflush.com.

    any way I have been out with lots of guys some of them are friends and some of them where just bored and wanted to talk to someone! its not necessarily a desperation thing!

    • A friend of mine suggested plentyoffish to me. We had both just moved to London and wanted to meet guys and she had luck on there. All I got were complete douche bags, so I tried OkCupid and lucked out there.

      I agree, it's not all desperation :)

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