Fixing my error. Aussie or "Brit" accent?

First, to get to the point, and to the question:

"Which is more attractive, Aussie, or "Brit."

I did a poll on what people thought was the most sexy or attractive accent. And because there's so many accents I tried to group some up. Well many debated that Aussie and Brit were completely different and don't belong together. I found the poll to be quite interesting as Irish/Scott did pretty darn well on its own.

So this is another poll similar to before, but the two are separated. I'd like to see how the result turns out compared to when they were grouped together.

For those interested in the original poll:


  • Australian
    Vote A
  • "British"
    Vote B
  • I voted for one of the other options, and want to see the results.
    Vote C
  • I didn't vote, but I'm curious as to the results.
    Vote D
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Can one of the administration or Mods fix the problem with questions going in the wrong category? This belongs in "Other". Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


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  • Here's a question for you: Can you tell the difference between a kiwi accent, an aussie accent and a south african accent?

    Frankly being raised in New Zealand I don't really like the Australian accent but it's preferred to a cockney accent. A more subtle British accent is quite nice though.


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  • Whenever anyone asks a question that has "sexy", "sex", or any other sexual words it is automatically put into the Sexuality Category. When we moderate we choose the most important category..for example, I just put your question under "Other".

    • Thanks for the tid bit, didn't realize that typing the word "sexy" or whatever would over ride my decision to manually place it in the "other" section. I'll keep that in mind.

  • Like I said. That Aussie accent makes me swoon :)

  • Australian, for sure. I do quite like all of the various British accents as well, though.


    Even though we do't have an accent but if I was to meet someone from different worlds they'd say we have one. I personally like al accents but in this case, Australian

  • well being aussie, australians just sound normal to me. but the english and irish accents are by far my favourite.

  • I voted A. I don't like the British accents at all, I think they sound really posh and on the men especially gay! and the girls sound like chavs. Irish should have been an option there becuase its the best! :D

    • Irish is in my original poll. This one was because the original had Aussie and Brit grouped and many people were complaining that they shouldn't be together.

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  • I have no interest in your 'poll', but as usual would like to declare my Englishness. So that the ladies on this site may become enticed, potentially even aroused, by the prospect of me.

    • Fair enough. Though, at least 50 women probably just blocked you because they prefer Irish anyway, but alas, they are not worthy of thou great prowess.

    • First fail: you're american, because your speech is not that of an English man.

      But you can dream about being english all you want, it's free :p