Any suggestions as to where a girl might safely look for available, passable, crossdressed guys?

I sort of swing both ways, with a thing for the yin and a thang for the “yang,” hence feminine beauty with a touch of wang sounds tremendous to me. Can’t even believe I live in an age where my chances for being burned at the stake for my curiosity have been significantly minimized. Serious question: I live in a major metro and don’t know where to start. Not looking for gay drag queens or ts seeking males. Are there places with pretty, straight, fem men, with a knack for fashion and refinement and tenderness, that are interested in cis-women? (Correction, TRIED TO ATTACH example image, denied by platform). Not looking for perfection, just soft corners with the ability to listen, “touch softly…” And yes, she can be prettier than I am. I might even learn a tip or two ☺️
Is “traps” reprehensible insofar as terminology is concerned? I’m being honest. It sounds rude to me, but I have no reference for saying that. I’m fine with Tgirls too, I just figured they are typically male oriented. Forgive my misunderstanding, this is new territory for me. I hesitate to even set foot in it because of the potential vitriol. But I don’t care anymore. Ask for what you want. If all you meet is assholes and bitches then what you wanted was never thee to begin with.


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  • So, not tgirls like me, but traps? Femboys? I... have no idea where you'd star--- Oh, you said 'She' at the end of your post, so now I think you did mean tgirls after all.

    I mean, the only space where other Tgirls and myself specifically congregate are trans support groups. I go to a monthly meeting once a month. And have met a few friends through that.
    I think your best bet, would be something like a dating site. I know there are tgirls on okcupid. In fact that site has a pretty good representation of all sorts of orientations and genders.

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      OK, so, replying to the update -
      The term 'Trap' used to be a derogitry term for tgirls, but in recent years has largely been reclaimed by the trans/crossdress community to refer to feminine-appearing boys. Basically crossdressers who are highly passable, but don't consider themselves girls and don't seek any medical options.

      As for offense - I can't speak for anyone but me, obviously. I'm pretty laid back and have jokingly called myself a tranny and all sorts before.

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      lol just realised I said 'I go to a monthly support meeting once a month'. Duh, Sarah.

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      Good to hear. I’m very laid back too, but that has never aided me when navigating a sea of… well whatever it is these days. Again, don’t want to offend. (

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