Why do so many couples go through a phase where they aren't official, trying to be laid back, but then get jealous if you talk to someone else?

Why not just be straight up from the get go and say "we are dating?" It seems like so many couples go through this awkward-ass phase where no one wants to define the relationship. They just sort of date each other "stress free" for months on end and then blow up on each other if one of them finds out the other is seeing someone on the side.

The fight is always the same too, one person feels hurt that the other is dating around, meanwhile, the other always says some shit like "we don't owe each other anything." The best part of it all is that it doesn't even matter which partner does what, because the fight is always the exact same either way.

Why are Millennials so wacky about having relationships?


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  • I was not like that, I was straight forward asking him if he wanted me to be his girlfriend and he said yes so that I knew he was serious about me and I could trust him and he knew I was serious as well and was not dating around. I would hate being in a relationship with a guy who was still dating around when I was serious about him... just ask for what you want.


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