The guy I like hasn’t called or snapped over 24 hours?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for a good while, and we always talk every day but it’s been over 24 hours since he called when he did call he said he would call me back he never like he said he would and he opened my snap a day ago, it’s not like him to not reach out! So I’m concerned tbh :/


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  • Maybe he is busy
    Wait for another 24 hours n then be concerned babe

    • Thanks for your input! I just feel like I’ve dont something wrong even tho I know I haven’t! So if its over 48 hours, then I should start to worry is what your saying! And do I still wait after the 48? I’m just being nice and waiting cause he said he would get back In touch and he hasn’t! And I’ve never been a girl to blow up on a guy for not responding all I’m am is just worried about it

    • Ever met him in real life? Actually I like girls who message me first and all time too 😘

    • Yes we’ve hung out a lot actually! It’s just concerning when I see he’s active on snap chat but hasn’t got in touch with me in over 24 I feel like he doesn’t miss me!

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