Does this sound harsh?

This girl and I have been texting back and forth and we sorted out a date which was meant to be today. I basically got bored because when we text she takes days to reply and one time a whole week, text her on Friday afternoon to see if she was free Sunday at a specific time, she text 5 hours before the meet, Bare in mind this was a text from Friday, she apologised for the bad reply but said she was up for it. I replied “Sorry I have to cancel tonight, somethings come up.” which she replied “Okay cool, no worries 😊” was my text a bit harsh? Or am I overthinking?


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What Girls Said 1

  • No it’s not dw.
    Maybe ask her she wants to reschedule another date?

    • Think I’m just gonna leave it to her. Got bored because I was making the effort and it takes her days to reply but when I text her to say I had cancelled she replied a minute later

    • I get you. Yh good idea
      She’s not worth your time, I’m sure you’ll find someone you will appreciate you better 🌻

What Guys Said 2

  • Your only mistake is still carrying on with this nonsense. She should have been ditched long ago. Guys, give yourself strict boundaries, then enforce them.

    If she takes days to get back to you, then she can simply gtfo. You said 'Think I’m just gonna leave it to her.'

    Leave what to her? the ability to waste more of your time. Block, delete, move on...

  • No it's not harsh. Don't waste more time on this girl though. She's not worth it.


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