Why don't men understand?

Women are sensitive about their looks at times.. With women in the media plastered with make-up, butt pads, gurtles, face lifts, breast implants, weaves.. and so on the pressure is put on us to have a certain look... Men sit around picking over women. Yet you wonder why we are insecure. You drool over air brushed magazines and p*rn stars. And wonder why some of us have have a low self image. Perms HURT, hair do's are tedious weight management a disaster..

Why is it hard to accept a push-up bra, or makeup or false eyelashes? why are women not allowed one fake thing to allow us the single shred of confidence to not feel small? Why is it so easy to trash us, or look down on when we aren't super confident or wear fakes?... Look how you treat us when we aren't jaw dropping? A fat slob can have money and get FEMALES BY THE DOZEN! why is this fair? You b*tch about natural beauty, but I have yet to see any of you drool over a woman who had it.

i wrote this because I was offended about what my boyfriend said to me ... lol didn't mean to start a fuss guys.. I'm a little diff tho. I value a neatly groomed decent looking man.. I'm very acceptant. but I understand mens side of things now.. thankies


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  • You have a point but you can't generalize all men to be that way. Men drool over physical attractiveness of a woman but they don't exactly have to be considered selfish b**tards because they act that way.

    Some guys may prefer looks over personality but there are those who choose to differ. Women don't always have to use fake cosmetics and surgery just to attract men. If they did the only men who would be going after them would be those who desire the physical side of a woman, not for who she is.

    I don't drool all over fake attractiveness, my girlfriend isn't the most attractive girl I've seen before but I still love her because of who she is. I treat her with respect and I don't care if she doesn't have the biggest boobs or the most amazing hair, I love her for who she is, and not what she looks like.


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  • > A fat slob can have money and get FEMALES BY THE DOZEN!

    Yes you're right, men are so shallow! If only they were attracted to money, just like women. Then we could all have meaningful relationships.

    • lets get somethin understood... my ex from age 16 and I moved in together when I was 19 he became a light weight model and decided after 3 years he wanted to bash my looks... the dude was flat broke we shared a basic closet room with 5 roommates in one apt... I know bitches are gold diggers but this bitch ain't one of em. so watch your mouth if you don't know the basis behind my post.

    • Well what does that say about your choice in boyfriends then?

  • Alright, then. We'll take this a bit at a time.

    "Women are sensitive about their looks at times"

    Fair enough. I am too, so I understand where you're coming from.

    "With women in the media plastered with make-up, butt pads, gurtles, face lifts, breast implants, weaves"

    First, it's the same for men. Second, women in the media are usually appealing to women, not men. They have sexy women on there to sell you products, because you want to be sexy too, just like Old Spice tries to sell me body wash so I can be manly and attractive. Same thing.

    "Men sit around picking over women"

    And women sit around picking over men. I've heard plenty of it.

    "Yet you wonder why we are insecure"

    No, I know why.

    "You drool over air brushed magazines and p*rn stars"

    Nope, and nope.

    "Perms HURT, hair do's are tedious weight management a disaster"

    Perms, I can't say. Hair, what's wrong with just brushing it? I'm just fine with that. If weight management is a disaster, then that's your fault for either eating too much or not exercising enough.

    "Why is it hard to accept a push-up bra, or makeup or false eyelashes?"

    It isn't- by now, we've pretty much come to expect those from women. Most women on here complain about HAVING to wear makeup or a push-up.

    "Why are women not allowed one fake thing to allow us the single shred of confidence to not feel small?"

    Again, applies to guys, perhaps even more strongly.

    "Why is it so easy to trash us, or look down on when we aren't super confident or wear fakes?"

    Again, ditto for guys.

    "Look how you treat us when we aren't jaw dropping"

    Again, applies to guys. Women pass up guys that treat them well for guys that are better looking all the time.

    "A fat slob can have money and get FEMALES BY THE DOZEN!"

    This is women's fault, not ours. If it doesn't apply to you, then why do you care? Because you're missing out on a fat slob? Those guys wouldn't have any women if those women weren't willing to have sex for money.

    "You b*tch about natural beauty, but I have yet to see any of you drool over a woman who had it"

    For that matter, you haven't seen me at all. My ex was naturally beautiful- she almost never wore any sort of makeup, never did anything with her hair besides brush it, didn't have fake nails, butt padding, push-up bras, didn't exercise much, nothing of the sort. She was smart, cheerful, intelligent, and fun to be around. And I loved her to death.

  • You have a good point but try to keep in mind that guys feel the same way. Madison Ave. hasn't invented the thousands of ways to get men to spend $$ to get their ass/pecs/d***/face/ whatever nicer-so they ,market beer instead figuring that if we van't improve it, we'll just drink enough to think we look like studs. Before women were wearing much makeup, men were wearing codpieces to make their package look better.

    The truly bizarre thing is that I've seen very attractive women freak out about how they look when I think they look fantastic. So, try to remember;

    1) We are just as insecure &

    2) Maybe a little of this is in your mind not necessarily every guys mind. While I'm at it

    3) In my opinion at least, the most attractive women are usually quirkier looking the the average hollywood starlet and now that I'm really on a roll, a certain level of physical attractiveness is necessary to achieve the status of "hot" but honestly, in the long run, I'm going to be living with what's between your ears more than what's between your legs.

  • Well I bet to differ you my friend:)

    I always hated the barbie photocopied girls...their good to brake:)

    but WHERE ARE the vintage RETRO REAL WOMENS!

    those womens are my pick ups:))

    natural beauty, I accept anything natural cause it's real beauty...

  • Don't you women realize that us men are also sensitive to our looks? You women expect us to get manicures,pedicures,do manscaping,get six-packs, and expect us to be 6ft tall or more. You expect us to not work at jobs like Mcdonalds. If we worked at a job like that you women would call us losers. And you want a big thick penis and expect us to make you orgasm like 5 times a day. In other words you women expect us to be like the kind of guys that are on magazines. Hence the reason why guys like me get rejected.

    The reason why a fat slob with a lot of money can get a lot of women is because women are more greedy then men when it comes to money.

    I drool over naturally beautiful women like Lauren Conrad. You should be around the guys you women usually reject like guys that are average joe's and nerds and you'll realize a lot of them drool over naturally beautiful women.

  • Butt-pads? tell me more... lol

    • OMG! they are hilarious! go to the ladies under garments at any department store or lingerie shop.. tell em you want to buy somethin sexy for your wife.. they are literally padded under wear..

  • YOU ARE SOOOOO RIGHT! I feel really bad for you girls that get treated that way! Just know it's not all of us... Sometiimes the push-ups or one or 2 fake things can just ENHANCE what a girl has naturally, & I've drooled MORE over the natural beauty! The guys who drool over the perfect, dolled up girls USUALLY have 1 thing on their minds, but when push conmes to shove will want to settle down with someone like you describe because they're more REAL! Meanwhile, that doesn't make it any less hurtful. I wish I could make you feel better, but I hope it at least helped...

  • I could care less as a guy about how much makeup you have to slap on in the mornings. I'm just not that kind of guy. Your personality will speak much louder to me than anything else will. Besides, I'm not one to look at fake things and find them attractive. I want to be able to recognize you when your not wearing makeup. I actually like girls with natural beauty but few like to show it. The only ones making you insecure about yourselves are your little gossiping slanderous friends who read fashion magazines and actually think it all matters.

  • I don't understand your question, which proves your point. Why don't women understand?

  • For me its all about personality, women and men should just be themselves regardless of what people think.

  • hEY, NO OFFENSE TAKEN... Glad you're OK...

  • Make up = Lack of self esteem.

    Average brother&sisters = Fail to acknowledge their values.

  • I'm going to say this once and I'm going to say it twice, blame your personality, not your looks, men are shallow for one reason, very few women have truly interesting personality's.

    • if you would've checked the update you wouldn't have commented so offensively.. I understand fully now.. I didn't need this response.

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    • Luvmyman...Pay no attention to this comment by Faraday.It has NOTHING to do with you.He is going through his own insecurities at the moment and he is lashing out on you. He wrote a question as well saying "men have the right to be shallow,because men have the more interesting peronalities."Rubbish. If you're really offending report the answer. I do it all the time.Good luck to you! :)

    • haha thanks..

  • My girlfriend doesn't wear make-up unless it's a social event like a party or a wedding. I date her because she's willing to wait until marriage too and I've found dating women that haven't usually leads to sexual dysfunction in the relationship and unmet expectations. She doesn't really need to because she naturally has a very beautiful face, the kind that can get most guys to do anything she wants them to do.

    I think we hit it off so well because she can't control me with her looks like most men, because I'm not that sexual.

  • I see your ranting so I'll post somethings that women don't understand from a guys perspective:

    1. Confidence is FAKE! Keep using this as your prime "must have" and you'll only find players. Most guys are shy when it comes to women because they care. Players do not care because your just as good as the next girl who puts out next time.

    2. A person that excels in an area/hobby/job/task IS a confident person only when it comes to that area/hobby/job/task. Players are confident with women.

    3. Women that sit around on their ass and complain about the guys who do/don't come up to them, need to get up and ask the guy that they like out.

    4. Muscles take a lot of time, pain, food and energy to develop. They cannot be stuck on like a push-up bra or false nails/eye lashes.

    5. Promiscuous women are not an attractive to guys who want relationships. Because it shows that you are unable to commit yourself to one and only one partner.

    6. Not being fat requires control of what you put in your mouth and will power.

    7. Guys don't care about womens fashion and brand labelled handbags women do.

    8. A $300 handbag and a $60 handbag are still handbags and most likely both made in china.

    9. An idependent women who takes the lead, has an education and a career is very attractive. A retail clerk who dropped out of college is not.

    10. Wearing 5 layers of thin pieces of cloth is not a classy or sexy shirt it is just trashy. A one piece shirt that attracts attention with a slight pattern is far more classy and sexy.

    • "8. A $300 handbag and a $60 handbag are still handbags and most likely both made in china." lmao! love it

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    • Evangelina you're crazy if you wear $700-$3000 handbags.All handbags are glued and sewn together.

      Louis Vuitton hangbags are only **assembled** in paris so that it why they have the "made in france" tag.

      The pieces used to make the product are produced all over the world and imported. The company also does not disclose the original country of origin for said parts.

    • I have an fcuk bag, I've had it for a year and it's already falling apart >_> it was a gift so I can't take it back either.

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  • In my opinion...screw the media.Half of the women who are deemed as "perfect" or "beautiful" are women who aren't really secure with who they are. They have plastic surgery done and they don't even eat.How are you even enjoying life like that? That's all I think. Everyone praises Megan Fox but the girl had work done...and she maybe on her way to a joan rivers state of mind.

    It's all smoke and mirrors.

    Men are visual creatures.Yeah these women might LOOK good,but it doesn't mean they would want a substantial relationship with them.

    I say love who you are and be the BEST you. Screw what some guys think. All guys aren't the same.Dont allow the media to

    make you feel bad,it truly is a monster.

    And concerning your boyfriends comments,address them and let him know how you feel.Concerning the conclusion of that,act accordingly. Good luck to you.:)


    Love what you're saying, I know exactly what you mean.

    All these sites say 'No make up, don't try too hard, look natural' yet the natural girls at my school get absolutely NO attention. It's all the bleach blondes and eyeliner racoons that get the guys.

    This is such a double standard. I'm not a feminist or anything, this is just a topic that frustrates me to death!

    Sorry, this isn't much of an answer, more of an agreement :)

    • Sorry but there's no double standard here, girls demand similar things when it comes to the looks in guys.

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHA cake faces, I love it. I'm gonna use that so much haha.

    • i never wore make-up bleached my hair or did anything stupid crazy like that and I did absolutely good with dating men

  • I love this, what a good question [=

  • men are men and mostmen are stupid .lol

  • They don't care, it's all about what they want. Thankfully all men don't act like that, but too many do.

  • guys suck.i don't even obther with what they think nymore. I do things that make me happy

  • This is why I think girls should give up on the whole makeup thing. Men don't do the same for us. We need to find better ways of feeling confident, other than smearing crap on our faces.

    Not saying makeup is 100% bad, I wear it on special occasions, I just think that if people won't accept me as I am they can go f*** themselves.

    I especially resent wearing makeup to job interviews.