I made a guy a gift but I'm not sure if I should give it to him?

It's a painting on a tree trunk wood slice of his favorite Marvel character. We are no longer dating, we just chat here and there as friends, since we have mutual friends. Should I still give him the gift? He's the one that lost interest. Sometimes I feel he doesn't deserve it and I feel stupid to give it to him. A friend suggested I keep it but it kind of bums me out. I didn't make it for myself or anyone else, I made it for him


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  • Maybe not. Unless there’s a good reason to give it to him (Birthday/etc.) No.

    • 4d

      It was actually a Christmas gift but I didn't finish it on time and didn't get a chance to give it to him. He didn't get me anything which isn't a surprise and I wasn't expecting something anyway.

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    • 10h

      Thank you for opening my eyes; I appreciate it & your time for responding!

    • 5h

      No problem ! :)

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  • Nah dont give it to him.

    • 4d

      Would it be a really bad, stupid move if I did?

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