Is this jealousy ok?

Ok so I have a new girlfriend. I don’t really date much because I’m worried more about college so I can get accepted into my local med school. But I’ve been dating her for almost a month now. Earlier we were talking on the phone and she received a few texts and so I asked her who she was talking to because I was just curious. She told me it was a guy who pretty much has the same plan as me. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit insecure and jealous. I mean she does do things and say things to pretty much reassure me that she still likes me a lot. She’s been cheated on with all of her few boyfriends before so I don’t think she would cheat. But nevertheless I still felt a little bit jealous and insecure which I normally don’t feel at all. Is this ok? Is this perfectly normal?


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  • It’s normal, but don’t be paranoid.

    • Alright I’m trying not to be, thank you

    • Follow me if you wanna chat. But I’m going to sleep in a few.

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