Should I still talk to her?

Okay, so I REALLY liked this girl who was in my class and we became friends and everything was going great, then I told her how I felt. She was fine with it, flattered and all but then I asked her out, she said she only wants to be friends and loves another guy. I was fine and told her I wouldn't stop loving her then when I asked her to hangout ( just as friends) she kept saying no so I asked her why she's into this other guy considering he used her and will never be with her, we stopped talking for like 3 days then she messaged me and tried to be friends again, like the idiot I am I agreed. So week went by we flirted a lot hugs and all that junk. And then I told her it was starting to hurt to be around here. She felt bad but kept saying she loved this other guy. THEN she told me she went on a date with a DIFFERENT GUY. Not the one she said she loved before a different one, when I asked her about it she then told me we can only be just friends. So i, possibly immaturely severed the relationship altogether. Deleted her off facebook, my cell phone ignored her texts. My question is should I just let her go or should I go be friends ?


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  • Let her go. Sounds like she's another case of "can't make up your mind". If she likes a guy who used her then goes and date's another person, she isn't worth your time. I would hate it for a girl to play games and play with my feelings. She first rejected you then asked you to be friends, ditched you for some different guy, and keeps saying that she loves some other man.

    In my opinion I wouldn't waste any of my time trying to get a girl who just wants attention.

    I wish you the best and good luck!

    • Thanks for your advice!

    • or maybe, he read her wrong and all she wanted from the start was to be friends. She seemed to have made it pretty clear she was not interested in him that way. You can't begrudge someone for not having feelings for you. She obviously cares enough about him if she made an effort to keep him in her life, even just as friends.. she doesn't want to date you, does that make it not right for her to go on a date with a new guy?

    • True, he could have misread her but it's not fair to him when he possibly wanted to try to get feelings from her. He may have thought the guy she "loved" was truly the man she liked and wouldn't budge thus he just decided to just be friends but when this other guy showed up dating her, it was probably very hard on him because she didn't mean what she said. Basically, from my view it's kind of like saying "I love this guy so I can't date you, but I'll go date some other guy".

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  • To protect your own feelings, just let her go and keep doing what your doing.She sounds like she playing games and that's not right.!

    • Another thing to add on is that she then got mad at ME for not talking to her! Its a very difficult situation! :(

    • tell her how yu feel and if she's mad o well...her loss and move on hun.

  • you need to do what is best for you. If it is too hard for you to continue the friendship, then don't. I would sent her a message explaining why you deleted her and are suddenly ignoring her, so you don't come off as an immature jerk. Tell her that maybe with time you can become friends again, but for right now you think it would be best if the two of you did not communicate too much.


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