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So my boyfriend and I are very different considering he is very independent as i am not unfortunately. Although this may seem like I am trying to play games I am not. I feel sometimes as though I should let him be the one to write me first more frequently then I. I don’t want to appear as that clingy needy girlfriend although I also think that if he loved me enough he wouldn’t care. Maybe I’m just overthinking it all but I feel like I need to personally learn not to rely on him as much. I’ve ruined one of my past relationships because of it and considering I love the boyfriend I have now... I don’t want to do the same


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  • Well
    works different for different people
    I'm in a ldr and most of the time I'm the one to message first
    I'm okay with it but some times I want to feel like she even cares and message me first you know? like I'm her boyfriend and not something she has to deal with or something like that
    Actually for me this is making me think to end it
    but again we're all different. for me it's fine but not all the time xD
    a guy like to feel needed or wanted sometimes but don't over do it so you don't look clingy and needy as you say


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