In this situation is it okay to pursue a girl my friend likes?

So three people in this tale; Roy, Susan, and myself Basically, when I started university in September Roy and I became good friends , after we'd been out as a group about three times, he told me he kinda liked Susan. But he's the type of person that when he says kinda, he mean REALLY likes.

Anyways, me and Susan never talk, neither one of us are friends. But over the Christmas break Susan and I started chatting, just casually as friends but we had a party when we all got back to uni. Now at this party, she flirts with me and I'm ignoring, just talking to Susan casually , bantering about a bit. But now Roy saw this and was like bro I think I'm going to see where the Susan thing goes, I like her a lot man.

But honestly she's totally friend zoned him. I told him this and that he should give her some space, but I think he thinks I like her a lot, but the thing is I kinda do, and I definitely would talk to her more if he wasn't a consideration.

Would it be okay if I made a move, potentially dating her? Should I just talk to other girls? Help him get with her?

Any advice is appreciated, sorry for wall of text


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What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on how much you value your friendship with your friend.

    Personally, I'd never pursue a guy my friend liked. It's an unspoken friendship rule that I have. I view it as crossing one of my friendship boundaries. But that's just who I am. Some people may feel different about it though.

    Years ago, a guy asked me out, and I really liked him. But I "rejected" him, because I found out my friend liked him. I just wouldn't go there. I wouldn't do that to my friend. That's not what friends to.. in my opinion anyway


What Guys Said 1

  • If you value your friendship with Roy then just don't make anything out of your and Susan's relationship. Keep it platonic, even if you like her. Wait until Roy is over Susan because. If Susan really doesn't like Roy then he'll eventually get over her. Wait until then to make your move.


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