Will she come back from her rebound?

My ex and I hade been dating for almost 3 years and were very much in love. We were our first true loves. But due to lack of communication (which I'm just figuring out now) we grew a little apart and got streseed. So we decided to stop talking and it was very abrupt. This decision was made towards the end of august of this year

Well during the last week of december I decided to put my pride aside and contact her because I wanted to be with her. She said she missed me so much and I told her the same. But then it came out that she was talking to another guy and they had been talking for 2 months. This completely CRUSHED me. I asked her if she was 100% over between us and if she was over me, but she couldn't answer.

No Contact started for about a week and then we talked again but it wasn't about us. she was venting about being stressed about school and everything. We even started joking with each other and making jokes. the same jokes we had made when we were together laughing and what not. But then the conversation got on us.

We started asking each other questions. Questions pertaining to our relationship when we werent communicating during our relationship. Then I kinda messed up and started spilling my heart. I said how I missed her and still have feelings for her. And as I was telling her this she started to cry alot. She even said her stomach was knotting up and she was getting kinda dizzy.

Then she all of a sudden she had to go real fast saying "i'll try to get back to you tomorrow" and hung up quick which I thought was odd. Then it clicked and I texted her "did your boyfriend just walk in?". and she said yea.

And that was our last conversation. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. Maybe she's sifting through the deep convo in her head we had I dunno. All I know is the reason we aren't together is not a good one and I want her back. Any advice?


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  • Rebound dating is called rebound for a reason and you just found that out. Believe what she says about you. but you most definitely need to contact her and talk IN PERSON. If you guys still love each other, you gotta do this. Or she and you might drift away. You need to figure this out in person. Talk about it.

    • I want to talk to her in person, but I've also heard that I shouldn't press too much for it will push her away. Like you said, I don't want to have zero contact and let her drift away, but at the same time I don't want to show too much attention, be the aggressive ex, and push her closer towards her new man. I just don't know

    • take your time man, don't act pushy,be a good friend to her, be there for her. Keep in contact with her but like you said, don't be pushy, be nice, be there for her. Be her best friend.

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