How do I kiss my boyfriend?

We've been dating for about a year and a half and we still have not kissed. I really love him and this will be my first kiss. He's tried several times to kiss me but every time,I pull away. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I kinda want everything to be perfect but I doubt that'll happen. We've decided no tongue the first time though, because it's his first kiss too.

We probably both should've already had our first kisses. I'm 16 and he's almost 17. Is that bad? Haha. Lol.


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  • whooahh, are you serious?

    i made out with my first girl on our first date? it was awesome!

    why are you scared?

    wanting things to be perfect is going to set you up for failure. life isn't perfect. wanting it to be that way will turn you into a manipulative unhappy person.

    i imagine that you must day dream a lot to have imagined this perfect situation that you are wanting to happen so bad. but if you live in day dreams, which arnt realistic anyway, you will miss out on the real world.

    the key to have a great life is engaging in the real world, developing yourself as a person, and learning how to enjoy things the way they are. if you have a fantasy in your head about how life/relationships/love is supposed to be, and that fantasy doesn't match up with reality, then you will forever be doomed to continually disappoint.

    wanting things to be perfect before you even TRY will result in total failure every time.

    for example, if my dream job is to bartend on the beach, do I turn down every single job that isn't THAT perfect job? no. why? because I will have no experience or skill. even if I got what I wanted, I would fail because I didn't take the required prerequisite steps needed to deserve that job.

    if I want to date the perfect girl, should I never date anyone until I meet that perfect girl? of course not. otherwise if I did finally meet that perfect girl, I would be so inexperienced, awkward and nervous around her from inexperience that she wouldn't even want me!

    instead the best way for me to get the perfect girl is to start out small, date a number of girls, and learn what girls like and don't like, and make myself into a better guy who will DESERVE that perfect girl someday.

    maybe the guy you are with isn't capable of giving you a great kiss. maybe he is just too awkward when he attempts it that you don't want to. does he know he needs to get you in the mood first? maybe you need someone more intune with your feelings, more sexual, more attractive, who knows. but you won't find that guy or be able to attract him unless you have made yourself into the kind of girl a great guy like that would want to pursue.

    if you want a guy to romance you and charm his way into your heart, be the kind of girl that a guy would want to do that for.


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  • Haha no, it's perfectly fine. I got my first kiss, with my first girlfriend at 17, almost 18 and I still love her.

    I had similar problems when I was thinking of how to kiss her, I kept asking my friends and looking up online how to kiss (yes, I was over thinking that much). Honestly, now that I've already had my first kiss, I know it sounds crazy but don't think too much about it.

    It just "happens", I drove her home one night, walked her up to her door, and ASKED her if I could kiss her, and by that time we'd been only dating for a month. She agreed and I was nervous as hell but I moved in slowly, taking my time with it, closed my eyes right before I kissed her so as not to seem awkward, and just let it happen. She's kissed other guys before and she still told me she really liked the kiss.

    I know you probably think that it doesn't just "happen" but for me it did, even though I had never kissed a girl before, it seemed like it just came naturally.

  • Cute but ew at the same time. Let him just kiss you, don't pucker that's gross. You already killed the meaning it would have had because you pulled away and didn't let it be spontaneous but w/e


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  • This is crazy! But in a good way. Let's just say you found yourself a keeper. Any guy that will wait for his girlfriend to even KISS him has so much respect for her. Some guys leave their girlfriends for not having sex with them. I think this is awesome, and for a year and a half! Wow. But I have to say, you're missing out. Kissing the person you love is like no other feeling in the whole world. And I'm almost positive that you're first kiss with him will be amazing. :)

  • well that's an awful long time to not have kissed yet!but hey whos saying that's a bad thing?but everyone worries about their first kiss..dont over analyze it..u just have to make it natural.just lean in alittle and he will do the rest.barley stick your lips out and don't worry about messing up(: I'm sure your boyfriend loves you very much and would just laugh it off if you all messed up(:

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