Why doesn't he put an effort into communicating with me?

So me and this guy have known each other for about 5 months, we started hanging out a lot while with other friends and texting a lot and talking on the phone. He also talks to my other good friend a lot and they text all the time, I thought he liked her. Then he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him too. Since then we have hung out a lot and have hung out alone and also kissed. Since we kissed he hasn't tried to contact me once. I texted him first one time and we talked for a little while. Other than that he never really puts the effort into talking to me but always replies when I call him or text him. Why?


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  • girls are more social than guys, for the majority...you need to make him comfortable in terms of opening up to you in terms of communicating...also, you should let him know nicely what you want from him, talk about it before it becomes a problem

  • what have use two done when hanging out together? has he taken you on any dates if so what? If he likes you I'm sure you would be able to tell he probally doesn't contact you first because he doenst want to annoy you or he might not know that you like him and if he contacts you first and too much he will give it away!


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