Should we wait?

The girl I like has shown that she is also interested and we plan on dating in the near future. I am 19 and she is 20, but age is not the concern here... What happened was that she has gone through two nasty breakups in the past year, the last being in June of 2018. That being said, she told herself that she wasn't going to date for a whole year!! Now, after meeting me, and I've known her since August of 2018, she and I both want to date. I have advised her, and I think she agrees, to wait until her year is up. I dont want anything to go wrong and she is certainly more cautious entering into a new relationship. Is this the right thing to do? I mean we like eachother a lot and we know that we are going to date, so I dont know if waiting is even relevant... I just find that when things are rushed, it is the cause of disaster. So that being said... Is it better for her to do what she was planning and wait until her year is up, or is it ok just to jump right in?


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  • I think you're right to wait. It's not a race, take things slow and move at your own rythm. There's no emergency here :)


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  • If it feels right then it feels right, go for the relationship. Just move slowly and carefully for her but no need to wait for the year to be up


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