Around what age do women get over the entitlement complex of men being required to approach them?

I always wait for the woman to make the first move, to prove that she is worth my time.


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  • lol, girls are more scared to approach guys than guys are to approach girls.

    i don't think girls don't approach because they feel special or entitled, they are just scared and don't know what to say.

    have you ever walked up to a random girl and tried to initiate a conversation. I do it all the time.

    i usually just get the deer-in-the-headlights look, and not much more.

    if all she can say is yes/no/haha when I'm the one doing the initiating, what is she going to be able to do when she is the one initiating?

    combine that with the fact that girls don't need to approach to still have tons of guys in their lives, why do it? if you already had tons of girls beating down your door, would you really go to all the trouble of trying to approach random chicks?

    • exactly...but for me I'm good with talking and I'm if I really like a guy I will ask him...but I've only done that like 8 times in my life ..and I'm confident enough to ask a guy out again in future :)

    • well you sound pretty cool, 8 times is a lot !

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  • Lol entitlement complex? Not even.

    If this is the test to see if a girl isn't worth your time than don't worry about girls not doing it.

    Be happy single.

    • What if I'm not happy single and I still want a wiman that makes the first move?

  • I think most girls are just afraid to seem like that pushy, needy girl that no guy wants to date. Plus there's that supposedly golden rule of "if you want to get a guy, play hard to get", that's been ingrained into our heads since puberty.

  • every girl is different. I don't approach men and don't see myself getting over that "entitlement complex" anytime soon but that's just me. you have just as much of the "entitlement complex" you seem to detest but maybe you will find that special woman who doesn't feel entitled enough to not approach you. most guys approach us anyway so there really is no need for us to approach a guy unless we really want to.


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  • That's stupid. It has nothing to do with tridition in my opinion about a man having to approach a woman. I think you are just afriad of rejection and not willing to put yourself out there. You wouldn't be the only one. One thing that attracts a woman is confidence. Sit on the wall with your hands in your pocket all you want, but don't complain when the girl you really like is with another guy who had the balls to walk up and talk to her first.

    • So by this same definition 99% of women are too scared to make the first move? Fear has nothing to do with it I shouldn't have to make the first move because it'd be beneath me.

    • Beneath you? Honestly man you think way to highly of yourself. It's OK though to each thier own.

  • Well, in my experience you're going to be waiting a very long time, perhaps forever. Being one of these type of guys myself I sometimes feel like I deserve to be single because if I was really such a great guy I would approach a girl more often and would be able to get a girlfriend/regular dates. By not approaching I essentially prove that I'm not a great catch and have nothing to offer. I don't know, perhaps you're not as psychologically screwed as I am. My overall advice though is to start being more assertive (if you can) because otherwise you'll end up marrying the first girl you ever date which is not always a good thing if later on both of you feel like you settled. That's what happened to my parents, even though they have a 23 year marriage, neither of them is really happy.

    • "By not approaching I essentially prove that I'm not a great catch and have nothing to offer."

      This is good to bring up. In reality, you may be able to offer her the world, but they see it as such a weakness they will never date you to find out.

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    • She could still prove her worth to you even if you initiated. Get out there, approach women, and then judge her worth once you both know each other. I think you are just using this as an excuse because you are scared to approach women.

    • No I just refuse to play their game are there rules. Why would I?

  • makesumwake is dead on.

    Girls are much more scared of rejection than we are. Combine that with the fact that they don't HAVE to approach to get a guy, means they won't. If a guy like you expects them to make a move they couldn't care less, because the next guy that comes along will have the balls to initiate.

    One of my buddies was like you are one time. He FINALLY got approached by a girl, but she broke up with him because he expected her to keep making the first move with every base. Getting the approach out of the way is only a very small percentage of the first moves that you have to get past for a relationship.

    • Why shouldn't the woman have the balls to initiate? Its all sexist bs. Why can't I have the standard that women must approach me? If a guy is high value enough shouldn't women pursue him?

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    • Also, as an FYI, beware of women that actually do approach you. In my experience, they are normally crazy or on the wild side. The best long term/girlfriend/spouse material women I've been around would never approach a guy.

    • I've dealt with this but I have little tolerance for women that don't give me their undivided attention. I've dumped two women over this

  • I'm a guy & you creep ME out. Your the same guy who asks the same question over and over again about what your hobbies are or never approaching a woman. Yes you are going to die a virgin unless you go get yourself a hooker. (Forgot, against your belief). I guess that's what god gave you a hand for

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