Is having low self esteem a big turn off?


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  • no it just requires the right guy/girl to reassure someone who has low self esteem that they truly are most important than they realise at the moment... some guys won't put time or effort into this cos their attention is only 1 thing... to get what they want...
    some will but draw the line at some effort...
    where as the ones who are willing to accept you for who you are... they will have an endless supply of love and will without conditions treat you like you are the only woman in the world

  • it depends mostly which gender you are. for women its a huge turn off if a man is not confident but men would not necessarily be turned off by that if it was a girl


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  • I don't know if it's a "big" turnoff, but it's also hardly attractive. People with low self-esteem tend not to care for their appearance too much, also they are often introverted and afraid to say anything wrong, which makes them less fun to hang out with

    • Thank you for your comment!

  • I’d say that women with low self esteem will more often than not just be used by men. Men with low self esteem are less likely to be dated for a long time by girls.

    • So to answer your question: yes it’s unattractive in both genders.

    • Reality is sad and people are selfish but there's nothing we can do about it just to accept and be strong. Thank you fur the comment by the way

    • You’re right, and you’re welcome.

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  • For women seeking men, yes. Women tend to love men who are strong and confident.
    For men seeking women, not necessarily—some guys love to go after girls with daddy issues or low self-esteem since they are easier to get into bed.

    • Yeah those girls are looking for validation and the guys are looking for a quick fuk, it’s a match made in heaven

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