Can't get over him... again

Um...pretty much we met. We went on a date, the whole movie and dinner. We hung out for about a month. ...that was it. He stopped calling ... just out of no where. The last night we hung out he said he would call me before he went to bed and he never did.

SO..and month goes by and I don't hear from him. I get over it. But then..he calls me. He wants to go on a date...I said yes because when I heard his voice I missed him all over again.

Well...about 3 days later he was's been about 2 weeks now. And I miss him so much..all over again. I've caught myself e-mailing him and trying to call him...I don't think it's possible to get over him AGAIN

So..I haven't tried to contact him in like 4 days and I went to go Facebook stalk him, and... he took me off it. He doesn't even use facebook, he had like 10 pics of himself on it AND he has his wall disabled so no one can write on it anyways.


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  • Your doin too much contacting. Your not giving him a chance to chase you and it could be turning him off a bit to where he is not so anxious to see you again soon or even talk to you much. By how this sound, he seems to not be ready for anything serious since he is going so long without talking to you and who knows he may be comin back to you on rebound or just all on his time instead of carin about how you may feel. I don't think he really digs you that much but probably thinks of you sometimes then wants to hang because your cool and then he gets sidetracked again so his interests is not highly on you like it should. So what are you gonna have to do to get over him? Stop tellin yoursewlf that you cant. YOU CAN. you just don't want too and you got to come to realization that this guy is not that into you. I don't care what his excuse is each time. A guy can make time for you if he really wanted too. This guy isn't reliable and not consistent and doesn't let you know what's going on until he decides he wants to see you again and each time you have taken him back like everythings OK when it is not. It is not cool that he comes and goes out of your life like that and you just accept it because you like him so much. Bump that. Your just fooling yourself and settin yourself up to get hurt. So stop the contacting and see what happens. Next time he wants to see you, let him know that your not just gonna be his conveniet date anymore. Its almost like you are his date on hold and when he is ready to come back, he knows where to find you and your alwys there. Gotta stop acting desperate and being so available. date others and forget this guy. he is letting you know by his actions that he is not into this with you and you just don't need to be wastin your time, hon. Guys are not worth it no more nowadays as much as they misuse us.


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  • On Your Update: Looks like he does not want you anymore since he blocked you on facebook. Do not contact him. Train yourself not to go on his wall. You need to let him go.

  • I completely agree with the first comment. I am in the same situation at the moment and I can totally relate. We went out for about a month, it was great, then he started cutting me off. He stopped contacting me. Right now its been less than a week and I am searching for answers - why? But honestly, I agree with what is being said your guy is not much into you. And my guy is not much into me. Rejection sucks, but I think that is how it is. If he would call me now, I would probably run to him as fast as I can, even though I should not. We are both being used. Just accept the fact and try to move on.

    Keep us posted.

    All the best

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