Dating someone from back home in college. Dumb idea or whatever?

I just started a relationship with a guy back home I really like. He's a great guy and he makes me happy and makes me want to be better in every way. I dated this guy during the summer, kept in touch, saw him over thanksgiving, and then during this winter break, we decided that we wanted to be together.

We are college freshman... we go to two different schools about 12 hours apart. We both had flings before deciding we wanted this...

What are your guys opinions? The reason I'm asking is because I just had a friend say that he thinks I'm stupid for making this move because I am just a freshman and my boyfriend isn't here so I won't have that "real relationship" experience. Please give any and all advice on this and examples. I disagreed with him, but I'm still curious if you agree with him or not.

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  • If you really like him, he makes you happy, you make him happy, where's the problem? Who cares if you're in college and the "normal" thing to do is go around and have casual sex or short relationships with many different people? What's "normal" can go f*** itself in that case. Sure it sucks that you're at a distance, but that's what breaks are for, to really make you appreciate each others' company :P

    That friend thinks you're stupid cause they are thinking of the "what's normal" mindset that is stupid.


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