What to do when the girl I think I love is dating another guy?

I met a girl freshman year of high school and we quickly became friends. I eventually realized she was all I could think about. I couldn't get her out of my head. she was dating a guy at the time so I figured id just wait it out. sophomore year (this year) he broke her heart.i helped and comforted her of course. I basically skipped all of my classes to make sure she was OK. and with all of that time, we talked a lot and I got the feeling that she liked me. but after that day, she avoided me. a few months later, I found out she's dating another guy. I just don't understand why she doesn't like me.


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  • You walked straight into the friend zone with your eyes wide open.

    Rookie mistake, so learn from it, and move on. There is no escape from the friend zone.

    Here were your mistakes :

    1) You figured you'd wait it out. - Wrong. Even if she's with someone, there are ways to let a girl know you think she's cute and if she was single, you'd be all over her. Flirting can be light hearted banter, without being creepy. It takes some practice, obviously, but it can be done.

    2) He broke her heart, and you were a shoulder to lean on.

    Of COURSE he broke her heart. It's high school. That's what happens. But by being the one to help and comfort her, you identified yourself in her mind as being like a girl friend. Because that role, helping her heal and get over an ex, is usually taken care of by her GIRL FRIENDS.

    Congratulations. You just made sure you'll never sleep with her.

    3) You skipped all your classes.

    Nothing is as unattractive to a woman as the stink of desperation. And a guy who has no life of his own, who can put all his needs and issues to one side to deal exclusively with her problems, is a doormat. Women do not like doormats.

    So to sum up. She doesn't like you in that way. She never will. This is not a unique situation. I'm pretty sure it's happened to billions of young men through history. Some poor saps have it happen to them a lot more than once. You're lucky. Someone is telling you how to avoid this mistake in future. Take the advice. This girl is a lost cause. Move on. Find someone else. And stay out of the friend zone.

    Good luck.


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  • I would be upset.

  • That is not fair.


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  • Sounds like you let yourself become too good of friends. Dating a good friend can sometimes suck because if it goes sour then you not only lost your partner, but a good friend as well.

  • If you have any chance of salvation you need to stop being her best friend! Tell her how you feel, that you thought their was a connection and that you do not think you can sit back and just be friends anymore. Your chances are slim tbh buddy but if you don't take a drastic course of action you will never be anything more. At least by breaking away you will give yourself the chance to meet other girls and stop being an emotional crutch. She really doesn't sound interested and you are going to have to look out for your own heart for once!