How to go back to the game of Dating?

Long story short he never touched me in 2 years! I know I know BUT I just thought he wanted to wait, then I thought it was me. I really lost all my confidence and after a while I stop feeling sexy and desired. I kick him to the curb and I'm getting back on the game! But I'm really out of practice on Dating! What do guys want? After sex should I wait for a call after a few days? Should I just go and talk to a guy in bar? I don't really want a boyfriend know but I do want to date and have some fun! Help!


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  • - Make your intentions clear to anyone you go on a date with so they know what to expect or not expect.

    - Don't do anything you are not comfortable doing in our out of the bedroom

    - If you do have sex on the first date don't expect to get a call and if you do it might take a couple of days.

    - Talk to a guy in a bar or wherever but be sure to be careful.


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  • Calm down. Make male friends. Get out the house. Talking to a guy in a bar is a good idea, and simple; works for me all the time. Tell the guy that you want to date and have fun, but that you don't want a boyfriend. Bet you at least a third go for it instantly.


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