What does a guy mean when he says he's not ready to date you yet?

Their is this guy that iv kinda been seeing ( I guess you could say ) for like 10 months and he's known I like him and he like me. Over the past couple months we began to grow closer together. His parents like love and tell him all the time that they wish we were dating. Well my friends kept asking him why we aren't dating and he says that he's just not ready yet. I don't know what he means by that because I know he likes. He also just got out of a really bad relationship like 12 months ago. So I don't know...

3 months after posting this he asked me out !


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  • he's stringing you along.

    • Just curious 2 know as I may be in a similar situation but why would he be doing that and why do you thinks he's doing that?

    • guys do that because you are their option but not their priority. as in, the guy may like you, but not enough to rule out the idea of dating other girls, or even hooking up with other girls. it's often an immaturity thing. he wants to be able to play the field, and if you aren't okay with that (which I personally don't think you should be if you really like him a lot), then I'd say he isn't worth your time.

    • so 3 months after posting this he asked me out!