The difference between a Gemini guy and a Gemini gal?

As question states. General opinion. IF you're into astrology.

  • I tend to like Gemini men better than Gemini ladies
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  • I tend to like Gemini ladies better than Gemini men
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- I meant to place in the 'other category' =/


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  • I know that you're both very quick thinkers and imaginative. I've know a few gemini girls in my time -- interesting girls. But if I were to settle down with a wife she'd probably be a submissive Pieces. I like such girls otherwise. My actual sign scares people into a corner so I won't bother saying it...though some of you here probably already figured me out.


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  • How about a poll option

    "Zodiac/Horoscope sh*t is bullsh*t and nothing to tell the differences or personalities of a person"

    That would be the one I'd choose.

    • How about since you can't add any constructive input, or even read for that matter, you just don't comment at all?

      It clearly states "IF you're into astrology." I didn't add the option you suggested for a reason.

    • There was no if at the time :\ oh well.

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