Why do men continue to text you after the relationship appears to be over?

my ex friend called me 2 weeks ago, unable to return his call that day spoke to him 2 days later, he thought he done something but I confirm that it was pms. Everything appeared to be okay until I text him a couple of day later saying good morning and enjoy your day but I got no response, a couple of hours later I text him stating how much I miss him and how I kind of made a mess of things and I wanted to slow things down(feelings) and how a wonderful man he is and how blessed I am. I got no response from him,however I did approach him a few days later but he made it apper as if he didn't know what I was talking about although he approached me 2 times the week before assuming he did something to me. I decided to back off and then several days later after ignoring him he text me saying" thank you and good night" I asked what was he thanking me for and he said " for being me". I seen him a couple of days later at work and expressed sympathy about him being ill for 2 days. 2 days later he text me again saying "drop by to say what's up". I don't understand what he wants from me and if he doesn't want me why do he continue to text me?

Me and my ex are still apart after 1 month but he still text me every weekend although he see me at work from time to time and we are cordial with each other. Why do he feel the need to send me a text message at least once every weekend.


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  • He may well be as confused as you are. If he's not a game player and just trying to confuse YOU, as some guys are.he isn't sure about YOU any more than you are sure about HIM.

    It sounds like it's time to stop texting and meet face to face and talk about where you want to go from here! It sounds like you have something in common.you aren't sure if something is going to happen between you or not!


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  • It sounds like he wants occasional sex without a relationship, and strictly on his terms. If you really want him then I guess it's okay to do it, but I wouldn't expect anything more to come from this. I think he's reclassified you, from a girl he wants to date, to a girl he only wants to screw.