Should I go on the date?

I asked a similar question before but have more info on it. I'm 16 and the innocent type who is physically inexperienced. There is a 19 year old freshman in college, really cute in a not-so-obvious geek-chic type way (which I love). He's super smart and the intellectual type. We met while I was babysitting at a party and we clicked (really more as friends. We just talked and didn't really flirt in any obvious ways). He also seems pretty inexperienced and is extremely sweet. He friended me on facebook and after talking for a couple of hours one day about philosophy he asked me out to the history museum the next day. I don't really think he's looking for sex anytime soon. I like him a lot but the age difference is pretty big. I said I'd go, but I'm kind of worried and don't know how to get my parents on board. Should I keep the date? How can I convince my parents to let me?

By the way this wasn't supposed to be in the sexuality section. Sorry!
Finally asked my parents and they both said yes! :D


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  • i think you should go, no harm in going and seeing how it works out. the parent situation might be kinda tough though. maybe you should ask but don't bring up his age unless they ask. and definitely don't tell them you met him at a party. you could say he's a friend of a friend of yours (that they respect and trust) if that made any sense at all lol. I think it's sweet he wants to take you to a museum :) d'awwww

    oh! and you could say, (if they sell tickets for it that is...) that he already paid for it so you just HAVE to go. I've backed out of dates before and I really regret it so just go for it girl!

    • Thanks! First of all the party thing is definitely not a problem. My dad was at the party upstairs and it was mainly for 40 and 50 year olds. I babysat the kids downstairs and he helped me with the kids. In fact, my dad drove him to his house and liked him. He probably wasn't thinking he was a potential date though. So if I say his name- parents will know the guys age. And I don't like being secretive. There aren't tickets for the museum unfortunately. I'm scared to ask; I've never dated before!

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    • Good plan. Thanks!

    • glad I could help!

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  • Why do girls worry about whether a guy wants sex? If you discover he does earlier than you want, tell him so. He'll either understand and be respectful, in which case you can proceed, or he'll be a jerk or pressure you, in which case you leave. Go on dates in public places and have your own transportation and you should be fine.

    • Thanks. I guess I was just scared of getting hurt but I did decide to go on the date.

    • Good. I've said this a million times lately... I understand girls are afraid of getting hurt, and I don't hold it against you, but I personally think it's a bit old. There is no way to find a fulfilling, truly real relationship without the risk of getting hurt. Can't happen. Relationships of any kind involve that risk and a romantic one amplifies the feelings. Realize you're doing yourself a favor being completely available and not afraid. Living in the present is the first step to that.

    • Thanks. That was a good answer! By the way I decided to go on the date if I can convince my parents to let me...

  • go for it


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  • NO the age difference is not big! I'm 17 and my ex boyfriend was 21 so no problem,

    and he seems to be nice, if he would be an asshole he wouldn't ask you for a date in the history museum..

    so go to the date ! you will miss something if you don't go

  • I would totally go for it. Just tell your parents how important it is.