I really wanna date this guy, and I'm not quite sure how to go about it?

I have liked him for a little over 6 months, and we have hung out a lot. Yes we have had sex a few times (soberly) and we always just stuck to that. Were really good friends, and we talk all the time. but I'm not sure if he likes me. we are always together, but the other day we were talking and I said I didn't like anyone and he said the same(after me ) but he said it was weird not to. were always on the same page and I want to to take it a step further. what should I do?


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  • You shouldn't have had sex with him if you wanted a relationship! He already got what he wanted.. he's not looking for a relationship otherwise you guys would already be in one!

    • i would agree with you if we were strictly just doing it every time we hang out. but no we do actually hang out together too. movie nights, dinner, just hanging out. and I believe the question was to try to help to get it to the next level. not bash me on my sexual choices. (:

    • I'm sorry but I think your sexual choices probably hindered any chance of a relationship. The only thing I could say is for you to definitely hold out on anything physical with him. If he wanted to be with you for you, he will spend time with you and see that he needs to step it up if he wants a physical relationship too.

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