He says it's not a date, but it seems like it is.

This guy from school asked me to go to the movies with him and his friend (and his friend's girlfriend). It kind of seems like a double date, but he says it's not.

Is he trying to see if I like him or something?

Why would he ask me to the movies if he didn't like me?


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  • whats the context? is this a guy you are friends with?

    did he ask you to go like you were a friend, or did he kinda hesitate and choose his words more carefully (showing he cares about what your answer is, because he likes you) ?

    he might think that you are too good for him, and wouldn't go out with him if you thought it was a date, but you might start hanging out with him if you thought it was innocent.

    thus its a way to get his "foot in the door" so to speak.

    he might think that if you got to know him, you would start to like him.

    i have done that. I've tried to just hang out with girls I liked and not make a big move. that way she can get to know me and like me. its less risky this way.

    • I've been friends with this guy for a year or so. I think he likes me, but I can't tell.

      He asked me out of the blue. I wasn't expecting it at all. We were walking to class together since we had 2 classes in a row together.

      I'll see how it goes. :)

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  • he was probably asking you as a friend... I hang out with my guy friends all the time