Who should I pick?

Okay well I lyke two guys and they both like me. Recently they asked me out and I'm not sure which one 2 pick. Say 1 is m. Me and m have been really close friends fir a few years now. Say tha other is c. Me and c have just started hanging out recently , and he's 1 year older than me while me nd m are the same age . Who should I pick ?


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  • Who do you feel that you can trust the most?

    and who makes you feel the safest honestly?

    who do you like more? m or c?

    Who can you talk to for longer? m or c?

    You could always make a pro and con list of both of them and see who you would rather be with and why!


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  • The old proverb "Go with what you know" might be a good one for this. If things fall through with "M", you've always got "C" up to bat. But I would tread lightly when picking between the two. Let whomever you don't choose down easily.

    • Thank you everyone... I think I'm going to go with m... Wish me luck! (and sorry about my unproper english...i was in a rush) lol

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  • pick the one you are more comfortable with. And you are more happy with. Don't think of it as a short term think about who you can see the farthest with... which one fits your type... think or you just can date both of them at the same time and choose one at the end... that's just my opinion!

  • Which ever one can teach you how to spell and use the English language correctly...

    Honestly though, I would go with the one you've known for a while.

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