Im interested in one of my brother's friend's, what should I do?

ok so this guy I met a couple of months ago(a friend of my brother), I think his cute and he seems like he has a good personality. I heard his shy around girls, so I decided to send him a message through myspace. we been messaging back and forth but I don't know how to approch him about hanging out, just to see were things go. I think I've happy if by the very least we become friends. Last time I dated was 3yrs ago. so I don't know what to do.


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  • If you keep talking with him over myspace your relationship with him will eventually lead to hanging out I think. Just keep it up and if he isn't the one who asks first, you can just say, "Hey, want to catch lunch some time? As in eat it?"

    or something like that. And if it comes to it, why not tell your brother and have him help you (if he's that kind of brother).


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