Why am I having second doubts?

I dated this girl yesterday whose relly funny she's awesome and makes me laugh. We both love to joke around and just talk about anything. But, here's the thing, I'm hispanic and she's back, and I never dated a black girl my whole entire life--well she's jamaican born here. Anyway, I really like her but for some reason I keep having doubts about us since yesterday. I really don't know why that is... :(


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  • Well, if you like each other why not. Coincidentally, my family is from the island and for years I dated hispanic men. All types of men as a matter of fact. Hispanic, caucasian, Guyanese, and it was not a problem. Are you having an issue with cultural differences?

    • I think it might be the cultural differences... I'm not sure. I really like her though, but I never dated outside my race.

    • Well try it out. It may be something new and enjoyable. You guys will be able to introduce your cultures to one another.

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