Why do guys play such mind games??

Hi, I'm just your average 19 year old girl from a small town seeking some major advice. Well first off the title explains alot. I'll keep this short. My ex (hes 22) and I of a year broke up awhile ago after some pretty terrible consequences. He started officially dating a girl younger than I who recently turned 18. This girls ex was a guy I was seeing before MY ex. Lets just say we kinda did a switch. She took my ex, and I started seeing hers. I kept to myself when she started dating my last boyfriend (who I still to this day love dearly). Herself on the otherhand tryed to ruin my relationship with her ex. Compliacted? I know. This girl and I were at eachothers throats because she was screwing over my poor ex boyfriend. My ex and I started talking she got angry etc. The guy I was seeing until basically TODAY just up and left me. He's going to work for a month and won't be around. So he told me not to wait around for him when he gets back because he still loves this other girl. Ya so as I'm typing this right now I'm in shambles. Why do men do this? Why play a girl along and then push her to the sidelines? I've known this guy a LONG time. Longer than my ex boyfriend. My friends can't help anymore there out of advice. Please offer some insights. I don't know what to do... if it were my choice id have my ex boyfriend back in my arms again.


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  • um, seems like a lot of immaturity... it has nothing to do with gender... :\

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