Can a girl tell if I guy hasn't kissed before?

Would you say anything to the guy?

What age does it become wired that you've not kissed?

*a guy- sorry my typing is getting worse


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  • "Wired"? (Must be a typoeoe...)

    Hmm. Well, I guess if you're on your deathbed and you've never been kissed, that's time to press the little buzzer thing they give you for emergencies. Otherwise, these things happen when they happen.

    When you're magnetically drawn to a girl and feel like you've stepped too close to the sun but are too close to pull back? Kiss the girl. Worst you can get is a slap on the face -- which I'm told tingles a bit then goes away. (Actually, the worst you can get is a fist in the face from her bf/hubbie, so check to make sure Little Miss Sunshine is single before you break out your mojo.)

    If you're feeling nervous about it because you're in your 20s, go to one of the August fairs and get the girl at the kissing booth. (FYI, not something I'd personally do because I don't like to kiss strangers, but some of my guy friends did that in college and said it helped them get over the initial "hurdle" -- funny, I'd never thought of such an intimate gesture as an obstacle till one of those guys had shared the story with me.)


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  • I don't think the girl can tell. SHe is too nervous herself. As of age wise, it depends. I didn't have mine till I was 17 and I felt too old but whatever

  • I don't think its a big deal, if you don't know how to that just means I can teach you to kiss me how I'd like to be kissed :P!

    Just don't treat it like a disability. and by that I mean, if I lean into kiss you, you better kiss me. If you stop and hesitate and freak out or stop if you "mess up," its a disability and a problem.

    • a disabiity! I did the whole mess up thing

  • personally , I would not say anything to them even if they aren't the best kisser

    but for me, first kiss tells all so its a deal breaker if they just can't do it

    not that it's weird , but maybe once your in high school ? younger kids are starting to feel the need to start to makeout and sh*t , when really it's not a big deal

    • sorry, I didn't understanf the scond bit of your answer? The dealbreaker bit. you mean if he was a rubbish kisser, you wouldt date him?

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