Is this a date or no?

So I was hanging out with a male friend that I've been interested in for a long time (I've posted before about this).and I figured it was going to be another one of those days where we like hang out somewhere.and other people are around or one of those days where he offers to help me with something and the whole night it felt different but I didn't think anything would come of it.we talked about a lot of things and he joked around some and he asked me about a few things (possibly were questions he was asking to find out some things about me).and then like near the end of the night he was saying something about him taking golfing lessons like many hours during the week because he wants to go pro [not like the least not yet] and eventually he asks me if I was interested in him learning how to play some time and I said, "Sure, but what day." and he said "I don't know on the weekends, like saturday afternoon or evening or sunday.but after church cause I have it on sunday morning." and I said "Oh okay well let me know when you want to go and we'll go."

Then he starts asking me if I go to church and I told him I haven't gone in years and he asks me if I ever wanted to go with him as his guest and etc. etc. and we start talking about how we both aren't religious people but we are spiritual or athiests or whatever you call it but he likes going because it helps him think and bring positivity to his life.

And that's what we talked about and then that was basically dates or just hanging out or what would you call it?


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  • my advice is not to get too hung up about the label of "date". that's a very outdated concept, imho. enjoy each others company and organise to meet & do things - it doesn't have to be all stressed out.

    it seems like this guys is interested in you - personally the religion thing bothers me*, but if you're ok with it then go ahead and enjoy. still - he's trying to get you involved in the things he does, so that's a sure sign of interest.

    * religion: I've never been a big fan of golf ;)

    • Well he wasn't asking me to convert or anything...he goes to a christian church and I'm raised catholic which is from christianity....but he just asked me if I wanted to go with him haha not that either one of us are hard core religious folks...he goes for spirituality/positivity/clarity reasons..and I just don't go cuase I don't need it. haha.

    • As far as the date part goes...i meant if it was like a friend thing vs. a spending time with someone ur interested in thing...i guess it means something if he asks me if I was interested in having him teach me how to play...for all he knows I could already know how to play but he wanted to TEACH me... heh heh. I'm surprised he was so calm about it...usually when he asks me something about a 'bf' I don't have he's always grinning and kinda looking away fiddling with something...

    • He's definitely interested.

      i was making a rather lame joke about golf being a religion before :P

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