He was attending a funeral today, so is that why he hasn't called?

So this guy that I have been seeing for a few weeks told me about a funeral he was attending today (it was someone in his immediate family) I don't know the details as to when or if it would be an all day thing...

my only concern is that we have plans for tomorrow, but I am unsure as to when we'd be heading out to our little road trip...

He hasn't texted or called me like he usually does every morning so I just sent him a text about an hour ago and haven't heard anything.

I'm not getting all panicky, I'm just assuming he hasn't gotten back to me because of the funeral...

I have never been to a funeral in my life so I don't really know the process of it...

So do you think the reason he hasn't called is because of the funeral?

and should I have texted him...or just waited for him to contact me first?


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  • Well with funerals its kind of like a reunion. There's a lot of people and joking so he is probably having phone blowing some steam off from the deceased.


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