Did he ask me out? I'm not sure what to think

So I was hanging out with this guy I like and I've been hoping he would ask me out soon and we were talking about music and he said how he hated the beatles and I said how I loved them and then later he's like, "well I don't really hate them I just don't like them" and then he said "I guess I'll have to start liking the beatles soon"

I pretty much thought that was an inuendo for I'm going to ask you out soon. What do you think?

Anyway, then I said he would like the movie, "Across the Universe" and I said he should rent it. and he's like, "okay, we can watch it... together"

but then he got sidetracked and started talking to someone else and I never really got to say anything about it. So do you think he was technically asking me out? Because- I don't want it to seem like I was blowing him off.

Okay for future reference- he didn't get sidetracked by a girl, it was his uncle that just started talking to him. There were no other girls there when this happened just me and 2 of his uncles and two of his guy friends


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  • Ok to answer all your questions...

    The thing about the beatles was definitely his way of saying that he was interested in you, and implying that the two of you might be hanging out a lot in the future so he might have to start liking what you like. That was a really good sign...

    The thing about the movie though, you definitely didn't blow him off, because he didn't ask you out.

    You told him he should rent a movie. Which was a good way of letting him know you're interested to hang out with him... You kinda threw the bait out, and he nibbled, but didn't bite because he didn't follow through.

    It's just like you said, he got sidetracked by another girl...

    So the moral so far is:

    Yes, he was interested in you...

    No, he didn't ask you out yet...

    Yes, he is into another chick at the moment...

    I could give you a better answer if I had some more details though, to determine if this is to the point where it would be best to just drop it, or give it another chance...

    When you say you were hanging out with this guy, does that mean hanging out just one time? Or hanging out over a few weeks with common friends? Did yall have each others' phone numbers, were yall texting things like that...

    And how do you know he got sidetracked by another girl, did he tell you, or did you find out?

    But you definitely didn't blow him off, so you don't owe him any apology or anything.

    • he didn't get sidetracked by another girl. there were no other girls around. His uncle just started saying something to him.

      We have hung out with common friends before, I went to his Bday party, that night I just went to open mic night and he was there and I sat next to him and we stayed afterward a couple hours with some guy friends of his

      Good- I'm glad I don't have to feel like I messed up

      I'm hoping that I can bring it up again and just ask him if he actually wants to watch it with me

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    • Ohhh... OK that makes more sense. I don't know why but when I read your first message I thought it said he got sidetracked by another girl...

      Yeah then in my opinion, the best thing to do would be to "Chat" with him on facebook whenever he gets on. And the key is that you don't want to set the date, you want to hint to him that you're interested and let him ask you. Guys like to feel that they are the one in control...

      Even if you lead him where you want to go, let him think he did it

    • Yeah that sounds like a good plan except the whole facebook thing. I never talk to him on facebook anymore because he just signs on and walks away and then sometimes when I message him, he never messages me back :( So I don't know I'll just keep talking to him and maybe bring up the beatles or something. If he doesn't ask me in a week or two tho I'm gonna flip. Seriously It's been like 2 months since we started getting flirty.

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