Had a great first date, no plans to hang out again yet... will he call?

Ok, so this Tuesday (four days ago) I went on a first date with this guy. We went and got drinks and really seemed to click, we talked for about three hours. The bar was closing down at around midnight and he said that he was heading home to take his dog out for a walk and wondered if I wanted to go with him. I followed him to his place and we just hung out for another couple of hours, listened to music, made out a little, and drank some wine while watching old Tivoed episodes of Jeopardy (sounds loser, but it was fun. Don't judge!). So yeah, he was telling me that he would be thinking about me the next day at work, etc etc. But, I kind of always get nervous that guys are really not interested in me and just feeding me lines so I was joking around and said "oh we don't have to hang out again if you don't want to, I'll understand," and he said "No! I'll think of something fun to do on Thursday," and I was like "okay but YOU call ME."

Anyways, I don't leave his place til around 2:30 am. The next day he texted me something funny, like an inside joke from the night before, and I texted back.

Then, on Thursday morning, I decided that, since guys usually complain that I'm really standoffish and that they "can't read me," I'd text him to see what he was up to that night since he implied he might want to hang out.

Me: so... what are you up to tonight?

him: had kind of a crazy night last night, my dog bit a puppy at the dog park, so I'm just planning on hanging at home to chill and deflate from that.

I replied that I was sorry that happened, etc. and then texted something like "Oh and, by the way, I know I was trying to be all non-chalant the other day and act like I didn't care if we hung out again, but I lied :-/. I had a lot of fun and think you're pretty great."

Then he replied "Well thank you, but let's not forget we've only hung out once so far."

I said, "Haha, well I reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade that compliment if I get to know you better. Just wanted to let you know I had fun."

That was on Thursday and now I haven't heard anything from him since then. I guess it really hasn't been that long and we even talked about the fact that neither of us really like to go on first, second, early-ish dates on the weekends, but now I'm thinking that I freaked him out by telling him I thought he was "pretty great."

What do you guys think? Might he call, or am I just going to have to deal with one good date?



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  • It does sound like it went well and that he will call you but is making time not to seem despret