Should I keep initiating things?

MY friend is setting me up with her friend and keeps telling me to text him I texted him a couple nights ago and the conversation was great. A lot of smiley faces and jokes. Me him and my friend were all supposed to hang out lastnight but he got tied up with hockey. Tonight she asked if he wanted to go out with me but she's working and she just said to text him. I feel weird about always texting him because I don't want to seem annoying so I told her but she said that he never initiates anything and he wouldn't think I was annoying. Should I keep texting him and initiating things?

We've met once before


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  • Have you guys met yet?

  • since your friend is involved, she should tell him to get his act together and initiate, and you should also just meet already. I personally think that it's better not to talk too much before meeting a blind date, because it's not always so easy to talk about things with a stranger because you don't share any experiences together, so you don't want to run out of steam before meeting.

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